WELCOME TO THE 3rd suburban National Park in the world

Biodiversity, scenic landscapes, heritage... This is a Mediterranean marvel.

The calanques national park
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A precious gem protected by all
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An extremely diverse
And fragile

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Key facts

Terrestrial heartland: 8,500 hectares, spread over 3 communes: Marseille, Cassis and La Ciotat Marine heartland: 43,500 hectares
Biodiversity: 140 protected land animal and plant species; 60 conservation marine species Visitors: around 2 million visitors a year on land and at sea


Embarking on a Bleu Evasion trip is note a simple excursion at sea, you will enter the heart of one of the world's most fragile national parks.
The Calanques National Park is exposed to multiple forms of external disturbances (human intrusion, urban pressure, various types of pollution, extensive extractions, severe and recurrent fires, etc.).
That is why the National Park classification is crucial, and we make it our mission to raise awareness about its preservation: we expect everyone to behave in an exemplary manner.
The heart of the Park between Marseille and Cassis (90% of which is marine) is the most protected area. This is where our trip are going.
Protection is heightened and our passengers must be perfectly aware of the specific regulations.
We'll make sure to tell you all about it on board.

Regulations at sea

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les îles du Frioul
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