The funniest circuit of the summer

Offered : Towed buoy, kneeboard...

2022 OFFER: water sports activities are offered on the sliding circuit!
The prices are therefore the same as those of the Calanques circuit.
Sliding in the archipelagos
Can be adapted, depending on the weather
Multiply the sensations in the heart of the archipelago
activities during boat trip
Beware of falling

and the laughs
kneeboard into calanques
swim into the calanques
If nautical activities are prohibited in the Calanques, they are allowed in the archipelagos.
The real happiness is here: a pure white rock flowing into a Mediterranean sea overflowing with blue...
Your captain knows all the corners of paradise for swimming and water sports: towed buoys, kneeboarding, water skiing, wakeboarding... A real chain of thrills awaits you. This is the summer circuit!

swim into the calanques
Frioul island trip