Calanques, another world awaits...

The Calanques in first class style

Calanques tour : the extraordinary circuit
carte du circuit calanques mobile
Can be adapted, depending on the weather
Info : the catamaran circuit is a little shorter
Heavenly secret places are waiting for you !
The most complete tour within
the Calanques National Park
visite des calanques de marseille à cassis
Our beautiful

and our secrets...
zoom circuit de visite des calanques
la calanque de Sugiton
visite de la grotte bleue
Our captains, who are well travelled, have recounted that,
in the Caribbean, on the islands of Tahiti to the Maldives, people have often expressed: it almost looks like Marseille !
Hasten to add, these passionate sailors are the last guardians of an emerald secret, which has nothing to envy the most beautiful pearls of the world.

Imagine... a string of small ports opening along the cruise...
Awaken by the sea air, the contrasts, the discovery, your gaze falls on the Cap Croisette; the beginning of the luminescent cruise. The Calanques: Sormiou, Sugiton, Morgiou, En- Vau, Port Pin or Port Miou...
So many mythical evocations to be had, more than you can recount in your diary : You don’t actually visit the calanques, you live them!

visite de la calanque de sormiou
baignade dans les calanques
bateau pour la visite des calanques
petite calanque secrète mobile